Born in the Aquitaine region of France, Jean-Michel Lamarque has had 15 years experience in teaching physical and athletic activities.

Since his teenage years he has always practised many sports including football, swimming, running, alpine skiing, martial arts.

Trained as a swimming instructor, he specialized for several years in swimming activities at the most famous pools in Paris. During this period, he was responsible for teaching swimming, training swimmers, and specializing in traumatisms linked to water phobias.

He trained in aquatic gymnastics, and his technical knowledge has led to the collaboration with several physiotherapists on the rehabilitation of injured athletes in water.

In 1990 he abandoned traditional water gymnastics, which consist of exercising in a shallow pool, for a more effective training in deep water. From 1991 onwards he created the first group aquajogging classes, using different aquagym techniques for both rehabilitation and recreational private classes.

In 1995 he created, together with one of his colleagues, a first book on fitness training in water. He also became the first person in France to use a method from the United States: "aquajogging or water jogging". From this new activity he created a concept training in water, which can be adapted for use at all levels, including high level athletes.

He received great support from his peers. In 1996 he met D.K Brennan, then president of the Houston Running Centre (the man responsible for the rehabilitation in the swimming pool of Carl Lewis and Joe De Loach) who encouraged him to continue his work on aquajogging. Jean-Michel Lamarque further promotes aquajogging, an activity that is both fun and healthy, through his training programs, press and television appearances.

Parallel to these aquatic activities, Jean-Michel Lamarque is a fitness training instructor at "l'Espace Vit'Halles Fitness club" in Paris. Here he prepares weight-training, cardio-training, stretching programs and physical conditioning accompanied by advice on diets, for a clientele ranging from the sedentary individual to the highly qualified athlete.

In 1998 he became the personal fitness trainer at the Hotel Costes Fitness Club, where he gives lessons to private clients.

His second book published in 2001, on physical conditioning in a water environment, confirmed his status in this speciality.

His knowledge in the field of sport and health allows him to define the precise needs of his clientele and ensure their successful approach to physical activity as a therapy and a better lifestyle.

Always professional, he has a reputation for being strict with his students, and imposes a discipline that produces good results.

In 2004 he became Spa Manager at the Hotel Costes untill 2006, when he decided to revert to coaching.

Due to his competence and charisma, he is now considered to be an expert in his field.


University diploma in sport and health.
University diploma in physical conditioning.

State diploma in Fitness training :
> for swimming activities (Lifeguard - Swimming instructor - Master in water workout).
> for fitness activities (Personal trainer and nutritional advisor)

" The good man helps others to achieve the very best in themselves "