Outdoor : fitness programs

The outdoor classes which can be individual or collective, take place in the Jardin des Tuileries. For the fitness classes and the TRX you need a mat.

Body training : it's a body sculpting class which consists of muscle reinforcement to tone either every aspect of the silhouette or a specific part of the body. The classes are varied. The use of a large range of equipment makes Body Training Classes both amusing and efficient. Fantastic for reshaping your silhouette !!

Running : teaching and perfecting basic running techniques, training programs and personalised sessions. To improve your technique and be an efficient runner !!

Outdoor activities : hiking, roller blading (Paris intra-muros). To maintain  your endurance  and get some  fresh air !!

TRX suspension training : builds superior muscular balance, joint stability, mobility, and core strength helping you perform better in any sport. It also improves posture and prevents injuries. No additional weights required. Core conditioning guaranteed !!

Urban training : cross-training activity in the city, including running, obstacle jumping, and physical exercises (push ups, abdominals, dips, chin ups...) using natural elements or urban furniture during the training. For a quick physical conditioning !!


Courses rates :

individual :
> 60€ for 1 hour
1 hour collective fitness class :
2 people
> 50€ per person
3 people
> 40€ per person
4 people
> 30€ per person


BOOTCAMPS (for 4 to 12 people maximum) :
> 20€/person for 1h15 of training

Follow the news on : http://bootcampsparis1.blogspot.com.


URBAN TRAINING (for 4 to 12 people maximum) :
> 20€/person for 1 hour training


" I push the stragglers; I hold back the fiery "