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Bootcamps are conceived for companies, groups or private individuals. They are in the form of physical training courses that take place either during a day, the week-end or over one or several weeks.

The training courses are located in Paris and the Paris region as well as in Province in the form of seminaries. To ensure high quality performance the groups consist of only 6 to 12 people maximum.

The bootcamp physical activities are supervised by highly qualified freelance professionals. If the courses organized outside the Paris region involve costs for accomodation, transport and meals for the coach, these expenses will be at the charge of the customer.

The intensity of the sessions increases progressively in accordance with the physical condition and capacities of the group.


(autumn - winter on request)

Make your own group from 8 to 12 person and book your own indoor bootcamp for 1.30 hour of non-stop training !
In the form of non stop circuit training, consisting of a balance work out and core training, this playful bootcamp with an accent on muscular training calls for the use of a large range of equipment: gym ball, medicine ball, rubber band, bosu, step, jumping rope. In spite of its more pleasant side this general fitness bootcamp is not less effective than an outdoor bootcamp.

Indoor bootcamps are organized during a weekend and take place in : CEASC 23, rue de la Sourdière 75001 Paris.


(any season on inscription)

The real one !! Originally the bootcamp was a military training camp that took place outside to prepare the recruits both physically and mentally. The purpose of the bootcamp is a fast conditioning. The trainer creates a dynamic programme for the group that is going to urge the participants to surpass themselves in order to obtain better results. The bootcamp is intense. You must be ready to perspire and to suffer but the techniques are easy to execute and very effective. However do not be worry - every session is perfectly controlled by the coach to ensure your health and safety. We will not let you overdo it no matter how !!

The outdoor exercise is conceived for a varied cardiovascular work out which improves not only the physical condition, but also forges the mental balance because the random climatic conditions add an additional challenge. The program consists of running, core training, abs, push ups, squat, jumping...

The outdoor bootcamps take place over a period of 3 or 4 weeks at the rate of 3 obligatory sessions of one hour per week, or during the weekend (sessions of 1 hour).


(spring - summer on request)

The aqua-bootcamp, which is organized in the Paris region or in thalasso therapy spa in Province, is more amusing.

It consists of various aquatic activities such as swimming training and perfecting, aquaerobics, aquajogging, aquatraining, aquastretching. A vivifying, playful bootcamp. It certainly is an anti-stress activity!! Attention !! This bootcamp is only for the people who know how to swim !!

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"You should be afraid of moving your hands and your feet, if they are not controlled by your head"
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