Indoors : fitness programs

Jean-Michel Lamarque associates the following techniques for training :

Muscular toning : special session for ladies!! tone your lower body (thighs and buttocks), your body core (abdominal muscles and lower back), together with 30 minutes of cardio-training. Fantastic for reshaping your silhouette !!

Weight training : physical exercise either on circuit training, using your body weight and load, or specific programs for fitness and body conditioning. For a toned  body and  iron abs !!

Stretching : postural stretching sessions to strengthen your deep muscular structure, to maintain your flexibility and release strain. To feel relaxed !!

Cardio-training : maintain and improve your cardio vascular and respiratory capacities. Specific programs for weight loss with dietary advice. Indoor sessions on ergometers with cardiac frequency checks. 3 sessions a week are preferable for maximum results. To tone your heart and lose weight !!

Electrostimulation : electro-stimulation increases muscle tone and has a firming effect. Whether it is sports training, fitness workouts, muscle development, asesthetics or recuperation, the Compex stimulator improves your performance and your well being. Compex sessions can take place outside or during voluntary training. They act as a supplement to a normal training to further enhance overall training performance. To feel strong and firm quickly !!

Relaxation : introduction to relaxation and stress control by means of respiratory exercises and releasing muscle strain. To feel cool and zen !!

" Those who want to climb a mountain have to start at the bottom "